Turn your daily routine in to a spa experience with this innovative essential oil diffuser that hooks on to the shower and emits USDA-certified organic oil blends. 
Ashlee Piper, Refinery29

This definitely makes an awesome gift for yourself, and for someone in need of the transformational power of essential oils.

Julia Dinardo, Beauty Editor

As a busy mom, and a workout enthusiast, I need time to relax and unwind. With ESSIO I turn on the shower and feel the stress just melt away.

Cheri Arscott, ESSIO Customer
It’s quite brilliant: it clips onto your shower-head, with a little aromatherapy pod dangling off the end. Tilt into the stream of water and voilà, aromatherapy shower! I attached the Unwind pod to my shower and stood there, letting the citrus and spice wash all my cares away.
Gala Darling
Honestly, I’ll never go without this again. It’s the smartest invention since the shower itself. The only downside is that you’ll never want to leave the bathroom! I took two showers in a day just because I had been dreaming about how nice it was all day.
Kelly Cook, Beauty Snob
I Just tried ESSIO and it blew my mind. Fabulous technology, a great experience. Count me a fan.
Dr. Paul Zak, Neuroeconomist & TED Speaker
I'm one of those people who is constantly on the go and never have time to pamper myself, never mind go to a spa. After trying the ESSIO Aromatherapy Diffuser for my shower, however, I felt like it brought the spa right into my bathroom. The essential oils are truly amazing and allow you to enjoy a full aromatherapy experience during a long hot shower. Now I can't wait to try more of the essence! 
Susan Bewley, Budget Earth
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